Old to New Traditions

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  We've all heard that age old phrase and know the traditions behind it, but even with this phase, the items behind it have been changing.  As time goes on, each generation brings its own additions to wedding traditions, so let's dive in and see some of the latest in four areas of the big day!

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The Dress

Possibly one of the items with the most feeling, thought and time into it for a wedding, the bride's dress is a huge aspect.  The traditional white wedding dress started with Queen Victoria and has had its own transformations through the ages.  From a simple, classic design to the international designer versions complete with elaborate veils and trains, the customization can fit any bride's tastes. 

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Trends nowadays for dresses, bride and bridesmaids, are going towards more of something to showcase their individual personality.  Colors breaking from the traditional white are becoming popular with seasonal aspects being accounted for with personal preference.  The cuts and shape of the dress are changing as well with more refined, custom fit dresses, maybe in a shorter cocktail style dress are becoming more of an option not only for the cost but for the functionality. 

And do we need to mention pockets?  I didn't think so.  Again, function with the classics is taking hold.  You know that there will need to be a place to put tissues, money for the money dance, extra emergency supplies, and there is only so much that can fit in the certain areas of the dress.  Let the fun roll with the pockets!

Bridesmaids are starting to have more voice in the dress selection with more being given options to fit their body style and even color preference.  It all goes back to a generation that is breaking tradition to start their own traditions based around a desire to showcase uniqueness.

The Cake

We all enjoy that part of the reception when those tasty morsels of sweetness are placed before us to inhale.  Strawberry filling, chocolate ganache, amaretto buttercream, edible decorations.  Those multiple tiers take a place of prestige during the reception.  So how can you expand on greatness such as this?  Well I'm glad you asked!

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The sky high, multiple tiered cakes are giving way to smaller cakes with additional mini cakes or cupcakes.  These allow for fun methods of again more showcasing of personality through the flavor offerings and decoration possibilities for all these tiny scrumptious bites.  The main cake can still allow for the tradition of saving the top tier for the first anniversary.  The multiple cakes also allow for consideration for any guests that may have food allergies or sensitivities.  Many people may not think about this, but I guarantee you it can be a real concern at times and can be greatly appreciated to those who deal with it on a daily basis.

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The First Look

"The groom's coming! Don't let him see the bride!"  Oh yes, the furor when they almost see each other! But this is even morphing to another fun opportunity on a memorable day.  Many couples are choosing to have a planned, designated time after everyone is ready for the groom to see the bride for the first time.  Let me tell you, this is another one of those have the tissue ready type of moments.  It's a time where the couple can really take in what is about to take place and have an opportunity within the chaos of the day to take a breather and enjoy the journey they are about to embark on.  A worthwhile tradition to change?  Definitely worth the consideration!

Themed Weddings

Say the couple has a special item in their lives that they have connected through since they met and everyone know is a big part of their lives.  Why not incorporate this into their wedding?!  Themed weddings and decorations have been gaining traction from Harry Potter to Star Wars and, yes, even zombies.  Tradition aside on this, it's just plain old fun and another way to make memories.  What better way to build a start to your life together than with something you already love and can share with your guests?  The theme can be minimal with a few items in the decorations to extravagant with costumes, themed food and everything else you can think of.  Brain cupcakes for a zombie wedding anyone? 

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There is always some tradition that the bride or groom or even other members of the bridal party find importance and that is the beauty of tradition, carrying on something that has meaning. But all traditions have had their start at some point, so never be afraid to make your own traditions.  Be bold, be you, have fun amidst the chaos and make the memories that will last a lifetime.

Are there some traditions or new versions that you like?  Let us know below!

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