The Transformation of Trahan Studio


Welcome , friends to the latest offering from Trahan Studio, our new blog! We realize how important it is as a company offering such an important and intimate service to really stay in touch with all out there and stay in tune with the needs, wants and trends of our clients.  There will be much more coming like this blog to further expand the interaction of Trahan Studio with all of you. 

Trahan Studio's owner and head photographer, Heather Trahan, with myself, business manager and associate photographer, Kurt Trahan, are striving to pour the love, knowledge and life that we  have learned together as husband and wife into building a service that clients can truly cherish for the rest of their life. We understand the daily struggles that life can bring as a family and know how sometimes just a moment where you can let loose, have fun and build memories is sorely missed. Imagine having that moment and being able to capture it to always remember it and remind you to hold those moments close and build more.  That is the essence of Trahan Studio. 

Memories. Life. Love. Family.

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