Vendor Highlight: The Next Element

Time for the first vendor highlight from Trahan Studio! This month we will be looking at a home grown videography company owned and operated by a fun loving couple who strive to offer services able to capture priceless moments to make them last forever.  Jeramy and Kori LeCompte of The Next Element have the energy, spirit and drive that any event needs to make it a lifetime event.  So, let's dive in and find out all the elements about The Next Element!

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Description of the Beginnings

Jeramy and I both grew up with a passion for video. We both did different things during school with video - he did a lot with his high school and I did a lot at UL Lafayette. When we got married (almost 8 years ago) we decided that we would put both of our passions to work and create The Next Element! We started with strictly weddings and that moved to doing a lot of video for churches and then corporate videos. Being able to capture priceless moments to make them last forever is what we love to do.

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What Are Some of the Offerings From The Next Element?

We focus primarily on wedding video and corporate video. They're two totally different things, but they're both a blast in their own ways! One other type of video service that we offer is called Milestone Memories - where we capture older family members telling their stories to be able to pass down for generations. It's completely a passion project of mine!

Tell Us A Little About Who Kori and Jeramy Are

Jeramy and I are nuts... in the best way. We are constantly on the go, and instead of it just being the two of us, we now have a one year old daughter, Charli, who is part of the mix! She is the greatest thing to have ever happened to us. We are a family that loves people and that loves to serve.

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What Are Some Business Growth Goals and Future Dreams?

In a perfect world, we'd do The Next Element full time. We are hoping to increase the wedding video side of the business in 2019. In 2018 we focused a lot on commercial work, and it was a blast, but we're ready to hop back onto the wedding wagon!

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How About Some Fun Facts or Interesting Stories From Your Time in the Industry?

I have been videoing weddings since I was about 16 years old... and I won't tell you how old I am now, but let's just saying that I've been doing this for about half of how long I've been alive. We've seen some INTERESTING things in weddings that we've videoed.

There's one story that I always tell people about, because it was CRAZY. I was filming the groom prep at a hotel in Scott, LA. Well, some kid at the hotel decided it'd be fun to pull the fire alarm. Which meant that the sprinklers went off... which meant that all of the grooms tuxes were soooooaaaakkkkeeeddddd. I believe that the Groom was able to dry his off a little before the ceremony, but most of the guys walked in wet suits. HAH! It was not funny at the time (for them), but I hope that they look back now and laugh about it!

I often times turn into the Wedding Coordinator if there isn't one already assigned to the wedding. Because I've been shooting weddings for so long, it's natural for me to just help move the wedding day along so that the bride and groom get the most out of their day and still have fun.

For a lot of the weddings that I shoot, I hear that I'm "calming" for the bride and groom. There's a lot to be nervous about for your big day, so I try to help ease the stress so that it's enjoyable.

Want to find out more about The Next Element?  Check them out at

Are there wedding vendors that you would like to see featured?  Let us know!

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