Self Care and Wedding Bells

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Life.  One word that can bring so many different thoughts, emotions, meanings and memories all in an instant.  We have all seen how life can be when more and more things get added to the mix.  Work, managing finances, extracurricular activities, kids.  The stress can build until it becomes what seems to be unbearable.  Now take a breath.  Say it with me, "The stress is gone."  Like magic, the stress is gone, right?! Yeah, I know, still there.  If only it was that easy.  When you decide to take the step towards marriage, the journey can add just that much more to your plate that may be full, so it is important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself during the process so a major event in your life that should be a joyous occasion does not turn into something that you look back at with mixed or bad feelings.  Let's look at a few things that you can do for yourself!


Keto. Paleo. Atkins. There's plenty of choices when it comes diets, but we're exploring the other side of the word diet.  What is your diet like?  So many times when the stress builds in and chaos joins, the quick meals and fast food are certainly a viable option.  Believe me, I certainly understand! If you were told there was something you could do that would boost your mental clarity, quality of life, energy, perhaps help with inflammation, emotional issues and many other items, would you be interested?  Of course, we all would!


Clean. That's the secret. Clean eating. Processed foods and sugars will unknowingly be the bane of your existence if you trying to operate at full capacity to manage many things in your life.  If you have to eat out, look for the fresh options with fruits and veggies.  Watch the smoothies too.  Many times these are touted as a healthy option but a lot are packed with sugar.

Water. Easy enough. It's everywhere! It's tempting to grab the sodas, coffee or your other favorite beverage, but your body will thank you for staying hydrated. The human brain is 73% water, so imagine the effects that dehydration can do.  Grogginess, anxiety, irritability, so many things! Do your body a favor and drink some H2O!



Scheduling the venue.  Selecting dresses and tuxes.  Choosing flowers and decorations. Don't panic!! It may seem like a lot and at times, it is a lot to manage.  Ok, take a step back.  Go to a 10,000 foot view of everything.  When you look at your wedding, are you building an event for you or for the expectations of today's world?  So many times there are aspects that can be simplified, combined or even just eliminated and you still have the same feel and effects.  Are you uber Pinteresting everything (yes we just turned Pinterest into a verb) or can you delegate some items that can slightly clear your plate?  Maybe take inventory with all this in mind and see what can be simplified!  Remember, breathe!

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How plugged in are you? Think about how many times you access your laptop, phone, tablet, TV, any other device.  Today's world is a world of being connected to one another to instantly gain access to what we are looking for.  This can have its good aspects as well as its downsides. Now, ask yourself when the last time was that you completely unplugged to allow for a full technology detox and mental reset?

If it's been a while, start planning! If you like the outdoors, plan an off grid camping or backpacking trip for the weekend with no reception.  Watch how grounded and focused you feel when you get back.  If that is not your cup of tea, maybe look at a full spa/pampering day and leave your devices with someone.  Take your mind off of the stressors of life for a while and focus on you.

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Yep, we're going there.  The family drama. The wedding party drama. So and so didn't get an invite. Someone doesn't like the colors.  Imagine you're in the movie Click and hit the mute button on all of that malarkey! The biggest thing when dealing with drama when it arises is remembering that this event, albeit a big moment in your life, is just a blink in the film reel of life.  Addressing it in the proper way will be the key to a successful and enjoyable event.  Yes, there will be those people that no matter how much love you throw at them, there will always be drama drawn up.  Addressing things head on, but always in a respectful manner, can put a quick end to stuff that flares up.  Remember, respect, no matter how mad or frustrated you get.  Lay out your case and let it roll.  

Remember, love spreads love.  Make your way.


The biggest aspect in all of this is to remember to keep the focus through all the chaos on what it is about, you, your fiance and starting your life together.  Even something as small as making sure you set time aside at the reception to enjoy your first dinner together as a married couple.  All of this can be easy to say, but harder to actually do.  We get it and we understand, but anything that can be put towards maintaining you through the process will pay dividends in the long run and be a good base to build a life upon.

Be you. Be true. Remember to breathe.

Make each day a good day, that is your ability.

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