Self Branding: Spread the Love!

When you use a local business, service or product, do you know a face behind it? Is there an instant personal connection? With the rise of small businesses and MLM opportunities across the country, it's important to establish a connection with potential customers or clients.  That's where a personalized self marketing techniques can make all the difference and set yourself apart from the crowd.  But where do you start?  Well, let's dig in and find out!

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Standard Expectations vs Outstanding

When headshots are mentioned, many times the thought process goes straight to the heavily posed, solid color background suit and tie style image.  It has worked and it's clean and practical, but not memorable in most instances.  So what do you do?  Reach beyond a headshot! Go to the basics of who you are and show that in your images.  Throw in some fun and emotion with a little spontaneity in a single image and you have the start to a successful recipe.  You want an image to speak to a potential customer the second they see it and for them to get a feel for you as a person.   

Execution of Successful Self Branding

Location is one of the first considerations for a good shot.  If you have a physical location for your company/business, it can be extremely beneficial to feature the photos there so it will not only be instant recognition of a face but a place with it.  Sometimes this is not possible for any number of reasons so any suitable location can be used.  For this, lighting, colors and surrounding composition are all important.  You want a background that is pleasing to the eye but not distracting to take away from your amazing features! Yep, love yourself!

Next up is your outfit. Do you really need the suit and tie or dress, or will it be more personable in a work casual outfit, say something you might actually be wearing when a client meets you? Some people do need the formal attire, which is great, because either way, these can be made into something exquisite with the right foresight.

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How do You Start Your Self Branding?

It can be an uncertain area to step into, especially if you are not the type of person to put yourself out there to really market your brand together with your person.  That's where we can help you! Give yourself some love this Valentine's Day with the gift of self branding!  We will offer five business owners/MLM representatives a discounted branding session.  To enter for the chance, send us an email at and tell us a little about yourself and your business.  What's your goals, what would you be looking for in marketing yourself? 

Most importantly to remember, keep loving yourself and always make it a good day!

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