Vendor Highlight: Le Barn Rouge

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A drive down Rue du Belier in Lafayette, LA provides a scenic mix of city and the country - businesses and subdivisions alongside fields and pastures, complete with horses and cattle.  A setting where it feels like you can take a step back, breathe, and relax for a moment. Down this road you'll find a single barn, set back from the highway, nestled between a small grass open field and a couple of neighboring houses.  The type of barn that hearkens back to a period that many people long for.  Welcome to Le Barn Rouge!


Built in 1973 as a functioning livestock barn by Claude Stutes, Le Barn Rouge has a rich family history through the years that brought the life of the facility to the hands of the current owner and operator, Ryan Powell. Ryan is the great-grandson of Claude Stutes, and the mind behind the transformation of the barn.The barn had been unused and in need of repair. Ryan managed to create an absolutely amazing facility that would be voted the Time of Acadiana's best wedding venue in 2018. The renovation began in 2013 where he took the barn from the state of prolonged use and habitation of livestock (and all that comes with), to a gorgeous venue complete for weddings, corporate events, or any other event came to life with the official opening in 2015.

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Le Barn Rouge is built and designed to easily incorporate many aspects of events together.  A live DJ booth with interior and exterior surround sound allows for a memorable nonstop music experience.  The facility is also equipped with WIFI for those connections that may be required.  A cypress bar continues the rustic feel of the barn as you get you favorite mixed drink.  The entertainment/DJ, food and music are not provided by Le Barn Rouge, but this aspect allows for more personalization for your big day!  There is a courtyard on the southside of the building providing a perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.  The weather is not cooperating you say?  No problem. They are able to accommodate the ceremony inside!

Le Barn Rouge also offers the use of the bed and breakfast next door as a place for the bride/wedding party to get ready.  Ryan did mention that if this is not required, a portion of the rental fee is taken off. We think this is a pretty sweet deal!

When operating a business, continued improvement is key to continued growth and recognition in the community.  Ryan and Le Barn Rouge are the embodiment of this. Multiple projects are in the works - new entrance and gate, parking areas, exterior facility improvements including landscaping, trees and decorative wall area, cemented and partially enclosed porch area, and new west entrance doorway. Adding to the country and ranch feel of the area, the grassy area on the north portion of the property will soon be fenced in with cattle and miniature horses that guests can interact with. 

With all of this, you may have been saying to yourself, "Le Barn Rouge looks so familiar!"  Perhaps it was from the Lifetime movie "Hometown Christmas" that was partially filmed here!  One great aspect of a community is the draw for national entities to visit and showcase our area, and Le Barn Rouge has joined the group of local places representing Acadiana to the world!

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With all that Le Barn Rouge has to offer, you can bet that your event will be one that people will remember!  Give Ryan a call to schedule now because this facility is a  popular one!

If there is a vendor that you would like to see us feature, let us know!

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