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When you look at today's society, photography and pictures in general are a constant, very visible part and in almost every aspect thanks to social media platforms.  It allows for instant gratification and feedback on pictures of everything from your lunch to the kids.  Throw in advancements with camera phones and it's a recipe for a love of pictures and photography across the spectrum of people in the world.

Heather and I both grew up with the cameras in the hands of our parents as is typical, but these cameras would probably blow kids minds today.  Remember winding the film and charging the flash on those cheap disposable cameras? Oh yes, good times!  We both have memories of going through pictures from family, ones that we have taken, albums, boxes of pictures.  It's quite amazing how inspirational these moments can be to building a lifetime.

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After high school, college at the University of Louisiana Lafayette - and the world of photography and music called Heather.  She is a very talented and musically inclined person which lends very well creatively.  With photography, the study of light interactions with people and the surroundings fascinated her.  The simple change of the addition of a shadow or a highlight, bouncing a flash off different areas, adding various effects was always an enjoyable challenge.  The shape of the human body, while capturing the ambient conditions became the ultimate achievement.Wedding photography was her first passion when beginning this journey of professional photography. The thrill of the wedding day excitement and the emotions as the two become one were just so amazing to be a part of.

As babies and life happened, Heather and I had to walk away from weddings until things slowed down just a touch. Now, she is all too excited to step back into this section of photography, even better and stronger than before!

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I always have loved watching how light affects situations, able to accentuate certain colors, cast shadows for effect, completely change the feel of a picture.  Unlike Heather, I started on Nikon in the beginning.  When traveling for work in the oil filed to Alaska, Canada, North Dakota and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, my P100 was my way to keep in touch with family back home and let them into the world I was living while away from them.  These work areas while traveling grew my love of photographing nature including landscape and macro work. 

Think about the inspiration of Alaska in the winter.  A moose walking across the backyard, the mountains, an ice encapsulated leaf, rays of sun hitting on a snowbank.  Or the east coast of Canada in summer with its rocky switchbacks while mountain biking, the small fishing villages in the evening as the boats return with their hauls, the historical battlements with the armory and cannons still intact.  Something that the travels afforded me, was plenty of time to research cameras, learn Photoshop, and the basics of shooting.  For instance, a three week stent in North Dakota with a blizzard snowing me in the company apartment, a book on Photoshop and all the Japanese game shows on TV that I wanted, and I came home well versed in editing pictures. 

After moving jobs and not traveling as much, I started to really get in tune with the amazing strides that Heather was making with the business. Que the Canon intro to break me away from my Nikon.  I quickly picked up the manual work of the Canon body and began to join her on photo shoots and working as a second shooter at weddings.  The rest is history with us building the studio into a part of who we are as a couple, as a family and as our life.

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