Makeup Flashback

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Imagine this – your long awaited dream wedding day is finally here, and you’ve decided do your makeup just as you have done and practiced many times before. You look in the mirror – you look AMAZING - and even get that big day selfie with your #superawesomeweddinghashtag! Everything is on point (fleek? Do we say that anymore?)! You’ve added a brush of HD translucent powder, a touch of shimmery highlighter, and some glittery eye shadow. Everything goes as perfectly as you dream from start to finish. Then comes the day your photographer shows you your pictures… There’s a white powder across your face in ALL of the pictures! The glitter and highlighter are GLOWING (in a not so flattering manner) across your face!

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Is this some cruel trick played by your photographer? Sadly no… That translucent powder you used in order to attack the shine in all the wrong places shows up as a white color as soon as the flash from your photographer’s camera triggers. No one – not even our favorite celebs- are immune to it.


See, the hd ‘photo ready’ translucent powders were originally made to be used under the constant lights of video cameras. If your makeup has silica, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (think SPF makeup) in them, you’re at risk for flashback. What’s a bride to do!? Well, first and foremost, check your makeup like Santa checks his lists. Once you’ve done that, take a picture of yourself – or enlist the help of a friend to take your picture with the flash ON. Take it easy on the highlight makeup and all things shimmer. If you are hiring a makeup artist for your big day, let them know that you want matte makeup and NO HD POWDER! You may want to do a test run before your wedding day, as most do with their hair, to work out any kinks beforehand. That way, you can rest assured you’ve got this portion nailed down!

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