Vendor Highlight: Aaron Lane

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Louisiana in general is known for a rich music heritage and Lafayette in specific is home to many events that keep this heritage alive.  With music styles unique to the local region that are gaining national notoriety, we all have some aspect of this culture that we know or love.  For some people, music has been life from a young age.  Our Vendor Highlight for this month takes a look at one such person, Aaron Lane. 

While many people at the age of fifteen are busy with typical teen items, Aaron Lane was gearing up with his own DJ business, providing services for local radio and events.  In Louisiana, nightclub event entertainers can be under the age of eighteen, so Aaron used this to his advantage to quickly grow to a place prestige in the local music scene.  The love of this spurred his drive to continue growing, learning and expanding to provide the area with the latest and greatest.

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With years of experience under his belt, Aaron has built a network of people, equipment and playlists from the old to the latest releases.  All of this allows anyone who experiences the magic of his craft to get a full fledged experience to remember.  Having personally operated at weddings in conjunction with Mr. Lane, we can say that he is among the best.  When you first meet him you can feel the enthusiasm and love that he puts forth into his work.  During the event, he provides a good mix to get the party moving and provide a rest when needed.  And you need not worry about having the usual few songs as he provides what you want to hear for your event.

Aaron maintains the day to day operations of Aaron Lane Entertainment, but also stays involved with radio.  This allows him to stay current on all the newest features of the DJ world as well as the latest music which he can then bring to you. 

If you are in the market for a legit experience at the hands of a local reputable DJ, contact Aaron Lane!

If there is a vendor that you would like to see us feature, let us know!

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