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About the Trahans

Hello there! I am Heather Trahan.  Here at Trahan Studio, we strive for our interactions to be an extension of what we have learned in our lives so far with love and a desire to make something new and unique.  We are from the Lafayette, LA are who have been in the photography industry since 2011. 

With recent expansion more into wedding photography, our goal for you is an experience for a lifetime that will be cherished for generations.  As your photographer, we will be a part of your life through the pictures and the emotions of the moment are an important aspect of telling a story through the lens of a camera.

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Many times, human nature is to tense up and go to a standard photo pose when a camera comes out, but watching as people loosen up as we shoot is the best part. Everyone starts laughing like old friends, the spark between couples is evident, the kids show their goofy sides. It's life in a moment where everyone is able to let the cares slip away for a bit.

We invite you to contact us for more information and to book a shoot.


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